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Stock Market Movies on Netflix

Stock Market Movies on Netflix

In the last few months, I have been watching some financial movies, TV shows, documentaries, as I have had free time. Out of these, I have chosen to recommend the five best stock market movies on Netflix. You can get these through Netflix and Amazon Prime.

My goal in watching movies is to have the trinity of entertainment, value, and education.

To be financially strong you need to understand and deal with the financial world. But the financial world is a bit complicated and difficult to understand. Because of this, many people are afraid to invest.

It is also difficult for the average person to understand the relationship between stock exchanges, brokerage firms, insurance companies, securities, and big business.

But this is easy to understand if you are in a financial job or business. Then you can easily know about the basic activities in this field. If you are a beginner in this regard, you can gain expert knowledge by watching these movies.

Books, movies, and programs are the best medium to get a better understanding of the functioning of money and the financial industry.

I hope to present in this article six must-watch movies available through Netflix for those who are looking to invest in the stock market.

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01.          The Wolf of the Wall

The Wolf of Wall Street is a great short story about the financial crisis. It is based on a true story and was first released in 2013. Wolf of the Wall has been nominated for 38 awards and 5 Oscars.

Jordan Belfort nicknamed the “Wolf of Wall Street”, made millions through his investment company Stratton Oakmont in the 1990s. Jordan Ross Belfort is an American author, former stockbroker, and motivational speaker.

There are many true stories built around him, such as Wolf’s capture of Wall Street, luck, and schemes. Belfort published Wolf of Wall Street in 2008 as its first memoir. Then, the following year, he released Catching the Wolf of Wall Street.

The wolf of the wall is on Netflix.

02. Rogue Trader

Rogue Trader is a movie that is built around trading and has a powerful and interesting insight into the mind of the trader.

This movie shows the true story of Nick Leeson, an employee of Bearings Bank. It was first released in 1999 and is based on the infamous Nick Leeson Book Rogue Trader.

 His role as a star dealer for Leeson illustrates how Bearings Bank was brought down with great risk. This film shows you how little control and risk management still exists in most banks.

This explains why we need strong supervision and control over the mind of a trader. But this failed at the box office, grossing less than a million sterling in the UK.

This movie is on Netflix.

03. Boiler Room

Also known as the Wall Street Vendors movie, it was first released in 2000. Boiler Room is an American crime drama written and directed by Ben Younger.

Those who want to experience how the promise of enormous wealth corrupts anyone and destroys the investors who fall for it should watch this.

It grossed $ 6.7 million in its opening weekend and eventually grossed $ 17 million domestically and $ 11.8 million over other lands and $ 28.8 million worldwide.

Boiler Room is on Netflix now.

04. Too Big to Fail

Too Big to Fail is a financial crisis documentary film released in 2011. It received 5 awards and was nominated for 3 awards. Stock market investors should definitely look into this.

It is a sad realization that the US financial system is on the verge of criticizing governments that “think” of regulating the film.

The film was directed by Curtis Hansen and won the Screenplay Award for Best Performance by a Male Actor in a Television Film.

Too Big to Fail is on Netflix now.

05. Chasing Madoff

Chasing Madoff is based on the great book “Nobody Hears” by Harry Markopolos. It was released in 2010 and is said to be a true story.

This is an interesting story about Bernie Madoff’s rise and fall. You can see how difficult it was for Markopolos to take action by the Securities and Exchange Commission.

This can be described as Bernie Madoff’s Ponzi scheme, which embezzled $ 18 billion or $ 65 billion.

By watching this movie you will be able to better understand the depth of the problem of trying to monitor companies that profit from lazy money.

Chasing Madoff is on Netflix now.


The top five films I have recommended are the must-watch for those who are interested in the financial world and want to build a career in that domain. Especially for those who are looking to trade in the stock market and are already engaged.

These films will give you an idea of how the industry works and how everyday life exists.

You can get these through Amazon Prime. But other than that you can watch these stock market movies on Netflix.

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I am Calista Ellen a content creator and a marketer.




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