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Self-Visa Credit Card Reviews

Self-Visa Credit Card

Self-Visa Credit Card is the best choice if you are looking for a secure credit card that is suitable for use without expecting a significant loan.

Accordingly, Self Visa Credit Card is a secure credit card that can be used without a strong credit. It is a type of card that offers that opportunity to those who are unable to get a loan or have poor credit.

After fulfilling the qualifying requirements of the self visa, you will be given a loan with an interest deposit certificate.

There is an annual percentage rate for personal loans, and once you make three loan payments on time, you can open a secured card as a security deposit. This does not include any prizes or other benefits, and you can earn interest on the amount you repay.

Self-visa card benefits

One of the advantages of a self-visa credit card is that it is a great tool for those who have difficulty getting a loan. They will update you with information about the amount you owe, the average age of your accounts, and your payment history.

You will be able to use this card on three major credit factors, which are 75% * of your credit score. No extra or hidden fees, securing your self-credit, and setting your limit are among the other benefits.

If you maintain a good account, including timely loan repayments, there may be opportunities to increase the credit limit over time. They do not do a credit check or make a serious effort to do so. Eligible customers can order a self-credit card, and this card can be used everywhere.

Self-Visa Card Reviews

There are pros and cons to any service or product. But minimizing the disadvantages will improve the quality of any product.


As I mentioned above, anyone who qualifies can apply for this card. There are several requirements that you must meet for that. But the qualifications of a Visa card are relatively easy compared to other security cards.

This card does not require a traditional security deposit or a standard credit check and is replaced by a check system. To qualify for an auto visa, you must make at least three timely payments to your ‘Credit Builder’ account, which is at least $ 100, and have a good quality account.

They provide the ability to borrow while earning interest on savings.
Once you open the creditors’ account associated with this card, a self-contained bank partner will give you a small loan.

When you are making these loan payments regularly, it will be reported to that institution, and it will help you build the factors to get your loan.
At the end of your loan period, you get back the principal amount, the interest you’ve earned minus fees and finance charges.

If you open an auto Visa account, they will keep your funds as a security deposit, and your security deposit will be refunded even if the credit card account is closed.


Now let’s consider the cons of this card. This card has some advantages and disadvantages that you should be aware of.

I see the main disadvantage as not giving instant access to funds. That means you have to wait to get the loan provided. Another disadvantage is that once you open your account to qualify for the card, you must make at least three monthly payments on time, or at least $ 100.

When your credit card account is closed until the end of the 12 or 24 month repayment period, access to the funds accumulated in the credit-builder account will be disabled.

You will have to pay an early withdrawal fee to repay the loan quickly. Because of this, you will not be able to improve your credit history.

There are different fees. One would have to pay an annual fee of $ 25 per year for a self-visa. And you also have to pay a one-time, non-refundable $ 9 administrative fee.

Now you can realize Self-Visa Credit Card is expensive compared to other secure credit cards. You also have to pay extra interest on credit builder loans.
This is especially important if you choose to pay interest rates as a whole. That means you choose a longer repayment period to pay the interest.

Self-Visa Credit Card Credit Limit

Accordingly, you must select the portion of your security deposit that determines the credit limit of the Self-Visa Credit Card, which is more than $ 100.

As I mentioned above, you do not need a credit history to get a self-Visa credit card, and the monthly payment is around $ 25. From this, you can see that it is designed for those who want to get a loan and do not have a large amount of money or credit record to start.

But the downside here is that you will not receive an auto visa card until several months into the process. You can save up to $ 100 after making three consecutive monthly payments and even get a timely loan to increase the amount of credit available when you qualify for a self-visa.

I will present the advantages explained above separately.

  • No cash deposit required before obtaining a card
  • Ability to receive interest through a credit-builder account
  • No credit check is required.
  • Card validity anywhere
  • The ability for customers to submit issues through their website, via live chat
  • Providing reports to three major credit bureaus
  • Other benefits

Self Visa Credit Card Limit Increase

You can increase the credit limit of your Self Visa credit card. If you have an active self-secured credit card, you can raise the credit limit once you have made adequate savings progress.

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