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Rockefeller Capital Management Reviews

Rockefeller Capital Management Reviews

Rockefeller Capital Management is a financial institution that continues to provide investment and wealth management services. Founded in the 19th century, the primary purpose of establishing this association was to assist John.

Rockefeller Capital Management has assets under management of more than $ 5.4 billion and holds the highest ranking of financial advisors in New York.

It employs about 76 consultants and more than 7,700 clients. The team of the company has several Chartered Financial Analysts who provide an excellent service.

Rockefeller was registered with the United State Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in 1980 and is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Viking Global Investors, L.P. and affiliated investment funds, and the Rockefeller family.

Rockefeller Capital Account Size

Their clients can avail their services to individuals as well as individuals with a high net worth in terms of types and minimum account sizes. Accounts can be maintained by any of the following persons/institutions. Their services are also available to

  • charities
  • family offices
  • estates
  • foundations
  • trusts
  • pension and profit-sharing plans
  • government agencies,
  • corporations
  • charitable organizations
  • other business entities.

Company accounts vary minimally depending on the type of account.

Services provided by Rockefeller Capital Management

They are based on the idea that families and wealth are complex, subtle, and deeply personal. Accordingly, the following services are available from Rockefeller.

  • Multipurpose tax, trust, and estate planning
  • Client Accounting Team
  • Family Inheritance and Governance
  • Advisory
  • Open architecture, customized investment across all asset classes
  • Investment consulting
  • Private banking and lending
  • Ownership investment
  • Capital market consulting

Accordingly, it specializes in long-term investment capabilities and environmental, social, and governance integration and shareholder participation through global equity and fixed income strategies.

The above services can be simply divided into three categories.

  • Financial planning
  • Portfolio Management
  • Selection of advisors

Investment Vision

When choosing an investment company, it is important to look at their investment vision in particular. Rockefeller’s primary goal is to be trusted advisors in navigating the complexities of families and wealth.

Accordingly, Rockefeller makes investment decisions based on each client’s goals, duration as well as risk tolerance, financial viability, other financial information, liquidity level, and various other factors.

From their leadership team to personal advisors and specialists, the mission is to serve clients and their families. They can be described as trustees, mentors, and advisors who dedicate to managing the complexities of those families and wealth.

They are more interested in sustainable investment and follow the following sustainable investment methods.

  • Socially responsible investment
  • Mission-based impact
  • Thematic investment strategies
  • Integration of the environment, society, and governance

They are a leading financial consulting firm looking to redefine and enhance their financial service experience through unparalleled client service. Dedicated to excellence in every financial endeavor and strives to achieve the most important goals of employees.

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