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Pinnacle Wealth Management Reviews

Pinnacle Wealth Management

Pinnacle Wealth Management is a $ 111 million financial management consulting firm headquartered in Denver, Colorado. They have 719 client accounts and a three-person advisory team, and more than half of those accounts are owned by individuals and high-value individuals.

They also provide services to small businesses, trusts, estates, pensions, and profit-sharing plans and charities. Pinnacle offers clients a number of resources that they can deal with when analyzing their personal financial situation.

You can connect with Pinnacle Finance for tax considerations, retirement planning, investment styles, lifestyle planning, insurance planning, and much more.

Pinnacle Wealth Management Background

Pinnacle Wealth was founded in 1998 by President Thomas Stefaniak and is its head. He has done a great service to his customers and has received great acclaim from many. After 11 years of service in the financial services and management industry with American Express, Stephanie has also started Pinnacle Wealth.

They have a trusted professional team as well as years of experience in financial services. Pinnacle loves their work because it enables them to help their customers achieve a financial future that will help them meet their lifestyle goals.

As a financial institution, it is must say with confidence that with an understanding of personal finance and training as a financial professional, clients can better prepare for the future.

Pinnacle has developed a reputation for communicating in a way those customers can easily understand, which allows people to explain their goals and the steps they can take to achieve their personal goals.

With years of experience, Pinnacle designs plan that help clients meet their current needs as well as prepare for the future. Pinnacle uses proactive approaches to develop strategies to address clients’ financial goals using the most efficient methods available.

They are constantly striving to stay ahead of other businesses in terms of ideas and technology. If you want to contact the pinnacle team goes through the main website.

Minimum Account Size of Pinnacle

The advantage is that you do not need a minimum number of accounts size to open or maintain an account. So no matter how much money you are willing to invest, you can still connect with this company as a client. 

Accordingly, the majority of the company’s client base is made up of people with and without high net worth. As I mentioned above, clients related to estates, trusts, charities, small businesses, and pension and profit-sharing plans are associated with this company.

Pinnacle Wealth Management Services

They prioritize relationships. Their primary goal with each client is to build a long-term relationship that focuses on the client’s well-being. Pinnacle Wealth Management’s primary service is to create Wealth plans for its clients based on their clients’ personal financial needs.

They start by offering their services by building a personalized rich plan that looks at the whole picture. The plan covers all the client’s assets, liabilities, priorities, and objectives.

They also offer their clients a wide range of activities, including educational workshops, service events, evaluation events, and entertainment.

Clients will receive a summary letter reminding them of what the company discussed at the meetings and the upcoming changes to the client accounts. It gives you a chance to correct anything wrong.

Since most Pinnacle clients have charities and non-profits, they support a number of designated organizations throughout the year by making financial donations or working hours.

The company constantly updates its clients on its accounts and events in the organization. They provide additional communication as needed through email, social media, and video. Pinnacle tax is always considered, the advisor always hopes to minimize the impact of taxes as much as possible.

Based on your existing retirement savings and any loans, this company will find out what kind of investment return you need to reach your goals. The company will help businesses to choose the type of investment and will also help businesses educate their employees about their choices.

They also have retirement planning consultancy services for businesses that need some help creating and maintaining a retirement planning program.


Pinnacle Wealth Management is a fee-based financial consulting firm. That means, the company makes money in one way or another other than the fees its clients pay for consulting services. You can ask and contact via the Pinnacle Wealth site.

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