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Legacy Wealth Management Review

Legacy Wealth Management Review

Legacy Wealth Management is a financial consulting firm that provides wealth management services to individuals and high-value individuals. Legacy Wealth is located in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina, and has assets of over $ 398 million under management.

It also advises corporate clients on pensions and profit-sharing plans, including charities. An investment of at least $ 25,000 is required to start an investment here. They also currently have 23 financial advisors.

Legacy wealth management background

The consulting firm was founded in 1982 and is also known as Coastal Wealth Management, Monitor Group, Newcorp Wealth Strategies, Integrated Wealth Management and MFG Business Plan. Their primary function is to manage and protect wealth using advanced strategies.

The primary goal of Legacy Wealth is to allow them to focus on the most important things in their lives, constantly striving to exceed their clients’ expectations.

Legacy wealth management account size

Although Legacy Wealth has a minimum account size of $ 25,000, there are no asset size requirements for entering into a financial planning agreement. The company will cut the minimum account requirement if it expects a client’s expected future earnings to be low.

The minimum values required for each financial advisory program vary. The minimum account requirements are $ 25,000 for asset management. $ 250,000 for personal wealth portfolio program. $ 100,000 for model wealth portfolio program, and $ 100,000 for manager access selection program. Remember that your account is a brokerage account, not a consulting account.

Legacy wealth management services

Basically, the following services are available.

  • Financial Planning – Comprehensive wealth planning services mean that they provide customized solutions for your family in advance.
  • Asset Management – The comprehensive integrated portfolio means that by using a process, they can help increase growth while minimizing client portfolio risk.
  • Innovative Investing – Dedicated to client investment needs, providing proactive advice, transparent communication.

In addition, the company provides the following services

  • Stock investment
  • IRAs
  • Bond Investment
  • Retirement plans
  • Tax plans
  • Estate plans
  • Money buying plans
  • Maintaining brokerage accounts
  • Disability Income Insurance
  • Life insurance
  • Risk management

What employers say

The founder of this company has strong Christian ideas that influence the company’s ethics and values. The employees here believe that they are working for the greater good. That they are actively trying to make a difference. It’s not just about the money. They have a focus on working life balance that is second to none.

They have a focus on working life balance that is second to none. It is a pleasure to be able to work in a team environment with great support. That is, employees, say the company is like a family to them.

An important aspect of the legacy wealth

Most of the time this company can only hire people with high net worth. Perhaps the company’s advisors are insurance agents. These consultants earn commissions from the sale of insurance products, which can lead to a conflict of interest.

Legacy Wealth Management advises state and municipal government agencies, banks, and thrift agencies, charities, pension and profit-sharing plans, corporations, and other business entities.

Their businesses are equipped with the most advanced technologies in the financial services industry, allowing clients to provide personal asset analysis, provisioning, and investment services. It should be noted that the Legacy Website allows you to stay up to date on relevant financial topics through online articles and newsletters.

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1 Comment

  1. Melba Amble Cory

    February 2, 2021 at 4:12 am

    I feel that you are right Matt. You actually debunked WAP.

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