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Denius Wealth Management
Genius Wealth Management is a financial consulting firm based in Centennial

Genius Wealth Management is a financial consulting firm based in Centennial, Colorado, founded in 2002 by George and Ross Diachoc. They were former brokerage firms, and after the death in 2015, the company was wholly owned by GWM Holdings, Inc. It currently holds more than $ 3 billion in assets with management.

They have about 250 financial advisors on staff when it comes to looking after the staff they have. Although it is designed to advise more than 100 companies, it largely chooses individual investors who do not have a high net worth.

What types of clients does Genius Wealth Management accept?

That is a question that many clients ask. Provides financial services to individual investors and is independent of other financial institutions. Therefore, this company will be the right choice for customers looking for a company with no affiliation with the banking sector. In addition to individuals, it also makes financial contributions to charities, corporations, estates, pensions, and other institutions.

Minimum account size

The size of the account depends on the client’s choice. An account managed by Axiom requires a minimum of $ 25,000.

Services provided by Genius wealth

Digital planning tools

Asset management

Broker-dealer services

Consulting services

Referrals to third-party money managers

Financial planning

Investment Advising

They provide their customers with a genius portfolio review service that provides a complete overview of investment and investment strategies. The review considers suitability and risk and covers performance and benchmarks, costs and fees, and continuing service standards. The service will provide an overview, suggest improvements when needed, and allow customers to make their decisions.

Through their financial services, they provide access to first-class tax and accounting and personal law services. There they ensure a complete and integrated approach to financial planning. Their primary services are carried out not only in tax and estate planning, gift and trust, and mortgage but also through comprehensive financial planning services that provide advice on pensions, investment, and security.

Genius Wealth also offers a portfolio review service that provides a comprehensive overview of existing investments, pensions, or security. Accordingly, their Continuing Advisory Service is designed to provide the continuing advice and control needed for any financial plan. They also have a systematic and systematic program to maintain their client’s investments’ consistency and functionality.

They provide cash flow forecasting and stress testing opportunities as part of their ongoing consulting service. They always seek to negotiate and establish their clients’ financial needs and objectives in a friendly and confidential manner.

Their advisors will explain how much the proposed advice will cost and the various options the client will have to pay for it. Genius Wealth will always discuss payment terms and fees with the client in advance to agree on the best option to proceed.

It should also be noted that there is no charge for services-without prior written notice. The Client Agreement and Guidelines for Services are available to learn more about their fees and terms. visit Genius Wealth Management

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