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Geneos Wealth Management Reviews

Geneos Wealth Management Reviews

For a successful partnership to take place, both parties must truly commit to the investment. At the same time, they should try to protect the good of each other. Such is the view of Genius Wealth Management about their role. Geneos Wealth management is a financial consulting firm with over $ 3 billion in asset management.

Located in Centennial, Colorado, the company primarily advises individual investors who do not have a high net worth. Even if it is, the client base includes people with high net worth. It employs about 250 staff financial advisers and has a corporate business that advises more than 100 companies.

Geneos wealth company background

It is a company that prioritizes conscience services and nurtures relationships. They aim to select consultants who work with them to protect the highly personalized, relationship-centric nature of the company.

Genius Wealth Management was started in 2002 by George and Ross Diachok. They are both father and son and have previously acted as broker-dealers. Today, the company is wholly owned by GWM Holdings, Inc.

Their state-of-the-art technology solutions are designed to support a wide range of business models. They provide the ability to focus more on nurturing relationships and developing employee training.

Geneos wealth management services

Geneos Wealth Management operates as a full-service financial advisory resource center. Their primary mission is to provide their clients with world-class service, open architectural access, and efficient technology tailored to their needs. They have very good staff in providing a friendly service.

Especially for individual investors, which they are looking for can be found at Genius Wealth Management. They are financial problem solvers. Accordingly, clients looking for financial solutions can join the company, for which they charge a modest fee.

Geneos Wealth is independent of major financial institutions and is a great choice for those seeking financial advice without any affiliation with large banks.

Individual investors as well as high value individuals can join and get services. In addition, Genius provides services to estates, charities, corporations, and other business entities, as well as pension and profit-sharing plans.

  • Financial planning
  • Asset Management
  • Digital design tools
  • Consulting services
  • Brokerage-Distribution Services
  • Third-party money management

Geneos wealth account size

It is not possible to say for sure what the minimum account value of Genius Wealth Management will be. It may vary depending on the nature of the account selected by the client. However, an account managed by Axiom requires a minimum of $ 25,000.

Geneos Wealth Activity

Genios generally tailor their services to the needs of their clients. It relies on a variety of analyzes, including technical and cyclical analysis, charts, to make investment decisions. When it comes to investing, Genius puts clients’ needs and goals first.

Their long-term purchases can be made, and securities held for at least a year are considered long-term. Accordingly, short-term purchases can also be made as securities sold within a year.

You can also invest in securities that are sold within 30 days as a minimum purchase. As with short sales, there is also the possibility of borrowing securities in anticipation of a price drop.

If you are dealing with brokerage firms, you can make a transaction with Genius by paying the investor a portion of the purchase price and borrowing the balance from a brokerage firm. Such transactions are called marginal transactions.

They also contribute to the allocation of strategic and strategic assets. The basic difference between the programs is that the fee varies from program to program. A client can use any combination of Geneos strategies in the above ways: if you want to contribute with them please contact via Geneos Wealth website.


Finding the right financial advisor to suit your needs can help you find yourself in comparison. It is not a difficult task, and you need to make adjustments with local consultants to help you achieve your financial goals.

Your financial advisor should always be an advocate for your well-being. Be sure to ask any financial advisor you work with about the fee structure and what they need going forward. We always help you choose the best financial advisor.

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