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BTS Asset Management Review

BTS Asset Management Review

BTS Asset Management is an asset management finance company based in Lexington, Massachusetts. They are also one of the oldest risk managers they started in 1979. Read BTS Asset Management review before hiring their service.

With over 40 years of asset management experience, BTS monitors millions of assets.

Introducing new non-traditional methods of asset management, their first venture has been to provide investment advisory services to individuals, and registered investment companies.

Their primary goal is to manage losses in the event of a downturn while looking for opportunities to take advantage of emerging markets.

The BTS Securities Corporation was established in 1981 by a brokerage dealer, and later, in addition to BTS Securities, the company is affiliated with BTS Insurance Agency, Inc.

BTS Asset Management Client Type

The vast majority of individuals from BTS asset management clients do not have a high net worth. Accordingly, the company deals with registered investment companies, corporate pensions, profit-sharing plans, and portfolio investments.

Minimum Account Sizes

Your start-up accounts depend on the minimum investment program you choose. The BTS Strategic Asset Allocation Portfolio requires $ 25,000.

But BTS Multi-Strategy Accounts in Trading Advisory Services require a minimum of $ 100,000. These reductions may be waived at the discretion of the firm.

Services Provided by BTS

The primary service and purpose of the company are to provide investment advisory services. In addition, the company provides brokerage services and insurance products through its subsidiaries.

How to open your BTS account?

When working with BTS, it may be helpful to have a financial advisor. That means you do not need to manage your account and BTS will act directly on your financial advisor in that regard.

Assets can be managed directly from the mutual fund or at your discretion. Or BTS, an independent trustee of e * Trade, can manage your portfolio.

The minimum investment for a portfolio to open your account is $ 25,000. You can pay the fee directly from the BTS account or by check, credit card, ACH, or a separate BTS managed account. BTS charges on a quarterly or annual basis, depending on where the assets are held.

How to Maintain BTS Account?

You can get online access to maintain your account. To allow their clients to invest transparently, they provide their clients and advisors with online access to account balances, transactions, ownership, performance, and other account details.

You will also receive a quarterly client statement from e * Trade. You can set up regular subscriptions or distributions from your account at any time. Accounts obtained with e * Trade will have the opportunity to receive the electronic distribution of account publications.

You can cancel your account by sending a written notice to BTS at any time, and the company will refund any fees not received when such is canceled.

In the case of BTS in particular, they provide asset management services and do not provide financial planning services.

If you are looking for financial planning services this company is not suitable, and use the link below to find financial services.

As agents may charge commissions for certain transactions, your advisor is obligated to tell you to be careful and trustworthy. I hope this article helps you find the right asset manager to suit your needs after reading the BTS Asset Management review. Visit their website for more information on BTS.

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