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The 5 Best Life Settlement Companies Of 2021

Best Life Settlement Companies

We get different insurance coverage in our life. Accordingly, a life settlement is the sale of an existing insurance policy to a third party. It is for a one-time payment, and after the sale, the buyer becomes the beneficiary of the insurance policy. What I hope to give you in this article is what the best life settlement companies are.

If you die after selling your life insurance policy to a third party, the death benefit will accrue to the relevant parties. You may have a problem now. That is, why do life insurance policyholders have to sell the deeds? 

When you get older, your life insurance policy becomes more expensive and can be a daunting task. But before that, if you need money, the option is to sell your life insurance to a third party.

No matter what you need the money for, you can sell your life insurance policy to a life settlement provider. There are third party life settlement companies or suppliers to organize these policies.

As people expect to live longer, it is only essential for them to find alternative sources of income to finance their lives for years longer than they had planned. 

As the number of settlements increases and so does the need, there are plenty of companies that provide those services. When considering a life solution, it is important to find a company or client that can be trusted.

It can be difficult to choose the best company for you. The best companies will always be ahead of the others. They execute your policies well and provide efficient customer service.

Best life settlement companies

What is a life settlement provider?

To help you find the best life settlement company, I will recommend to you some of the leading companies based on reputation, how it has expanded, customer service, sales process, and much more.

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Top Life Settlement Providers List

Coventry life settlement

Life insurance settlement companies have been able to change the way we think about life insurance. Coventry was a pioneer in the life settlement industry, creating a secondary market for life insurance.

It can be identified as the largest life settlement provider in the country by a large margin. Coventry is nationwide and was named the number one life settlement provider in 2019.

There is a high demand among the clients because of the early startups as well as strong customer service. Disadvantages of the company include the lack of a fast sales process and the failure to update the company’s website.

This company has become the best choice for many people due to its size, long term reputation, and industry award. As a client, it should be noted that their process is streamlined to provide you with a faster payment for a life insurance policy.

Did you know that they have helped sell over $ 30 billion worth of life insurance face value? The company is highly respected in the industry, due to its strict adherence to prescribed standards.

Abacus Life Settlements

If you need money fast, we can point out that Abacus Life Arbitration is the best option. Abacus is arguably the best whole life settlement company due to its direct and convenient operation as well as its excellent customer reviews.
Many people use this with great confidence as the company guarantees that you will receive your cash offer within 24 hours.

Abacus will settle your life within 14 to 21 days, and the money will be credited to your bank account by the 21st.

Abacus is relatively faster than other companies, and Abacus Life Arbitration is the best choice for fast sales.

Considering the growth here, it is 18.5% more than last year.
Abacus Life Arbitration is one of the fastest-growing living settlement providers and is the top choice for fast prices and fast living settlements.

Abacus considers your policy type, face value, health status, and age to determine your payment. Despite the abacus offering 24-hour pricing and the fastest life settlement, the lack of a branch in all states is a disadvantage.

Abacus does not charge policy brokers a brokerage fee and provides the best corporate life services for small policies.

Habersham Funding

Habersham Funding is the best choice for higher payments, with a percentage of their life settlement payments ranging from 1% to over 41% of Habersham.

That is, their average payout as a percentage of the total value of your insurance is twice the industry average.

They do not charge a brokerage fee, and their process can take much longer. It has become popular among clients based on the highest payouts, licenses in almost every state, and strong customer service.

But having a long sales process and limited information on their website can be cited as disadvantages. Founded in 2001, Habersham Funding has over 100 years of living experience with vast experience.

The company also maintains a leading fraud prevention process and is at the forefront of preventing serious fraud. This fraud prevention process provides every employee with anti-fraud training.

The company has an A + rating, although two to three months into the sales process is a weakness.

The biggest difference between Habersham Funds and other companies on the list I mentioned is that Habersham Funds pays more than others.

But their other policies and death benefits, premiums, etc, are comparable to others. This supplier does not charge sellers a brokerage fee.

Institutional Life Services

Institutional Life Services (ILS) is the best choice for small policies. That is, they do not buy policies directly and accept policies as low as $ 50,000.

If you run out of money and have less than $ 100,000 in coverage, corporate life services are a good choice for such low policies. BBB ratings are popular for small policies, although they are not currently listed or certified.

In addition to accepting small covers, licensing in 39 states, and providing strong customer service are some of the company’s advantages.

Institutional Life Services is another company that has limited information on the site. Slow sales and innovation in the field are some of the current weaknesses.
Although corporate life services began in 2007, their specialty is the acceptance of small policies.

Despite slow sales, the company has built a reputation for ethical approaches and transparency. The sales process here can usually take longer than 30 days. Maybe even 45 to 70 days longer.

To be eligible for this service, you must be at least 65 years of age and have a death benefit of at least $ 50,000. This amount is usually less than the industry size, and like many others, policy sellers do not charge a brokerage fee. Accepting small policies is the primary advantage here.

Q Capital Strategies

Q Capital Strategies was launched in New York in 2004, and I recommend this based on over 50 years of experience in life insurance and life settlements and several other benefits.

They are always committed to life-changing innovations and are at the forefront of providing improvements and process transparency.

Aside from innovation, the website has quick quotes and strong customer service among other beneficiaries. Lack of licenses in all states and a long sales process are among the other benefits.

The company is constantly updating the QUOTE system and is at the forefront of innovation. The company’s system speeds up and corrects the entire process, including cover processing, price analysis, and reporting.

Another specialty of theirs is that all the information about the life insurance sales process is available on the website. They are constantly updating it.

You must be at least 60 years old to qualify for this service and have a death benefit of at least $ 100,000. The company accepts many types of life insurance and, like other providers, does not charge a brokerage fee for policy sellers.

Best life settlement companies

Life settlement calculator

This allows you to find out the value of your life insurance policy in seconds. A life settlement calculator can give you a quick general estimate of your eligibility to sell your life insurance policy. But the in-depth medical immunization process needed to accurately assess the value of that policy cannot be replaced.

Are Life Settlements Legal?

Yes, the Supreme Court of the United States has ruled that settling lives is a legal transaction. That is, your life insurance is personal property that can be sold, or traded.

A life settlement is regulated at the state level, and in 1911 a court ruled that life insurance was an asset and could be transferred for value as well as other assets.


The companies I mentioned above are life settlement investment companies that provide the best services. The problem you may have here is that it is difficult to distinguish one company from another.

I compiled this list after doing further analysis of the best companies. The best you can do is getting customer reviews, reputation, and guidance from these companies.

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I am Calista Ellen a content creator and a marketer.




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